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Swissmar Raclette Set

Water Fountain

Our cats love this fountain. It's quiet and has a light at night that can be turned on or off.

Behavior Spray

STOP THAT! will help to break bad habits your kitty might have developed. 

Scratching Pad

A great addition to a big cat tree that fits in almost every spot.

Cat Toy

Keep your cat entertained for a long time. We've had it for years and they still play with it.

Cat Toy

Great to keep your cat busy when you are not home.

Cat Toy

Our cats love the KONG cat toys with or without catnip.

Cat Grooming Brush

We even get a 'purr' when brushing our cats with the Kong Zoom Brush.

Temptation Treats

Great way to reward your cat, e.g. when she comes in when you call her.

Cat Tree

This Armarkat cat tree is sturdy and well built. Our cats love it!


Great de-shedding tool. It works so well and our cats even give a purr when brushed with it.

Microchip Pet Feeder

Prevents food stealing in multi-pet homes and keeps your pet healthier by controlling portions.

Food Storage Tin

I don't like unsightly plastic bins visible in my home. We use these cute tin bins for our cat food. Love it!

Automatic Cat Feeder

Especially great when you're away from home or you have an early riser cat demanding food at 6am. :-)


European Marketplace

Cat Supply

Besides working on home remodeling projects, I also enjoy fostering kittens for a local rescue and we have two rescue cats as well, Sol & Luna. All products listed below we use in our home and love them. I hope they'll be useful to you and your cats.

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