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The Smart Approach
To Any Kitchen Remodel

Written by Petra Jakobskrueger

Coming Soon

A quick and practical handbook that will provide you with the knowledge on how to budget, plan, design, and execute your project for a successful kitchen remodel. The book consists of three parts to help you understand the remodeling process and the many details to consider when planning your kitchen remodel.

Part 1 – Budgeting + Planning

  1. Keys to make your kitchen remodel a success

  2. What to watch out for when planning your budget

  3. Define the project scope of work

  4. The biggest money saving tips

  5. Benefits of working with a kitchen designer

  6. How to find the right contractor for you

  7. Keys to have a good relationship with your contractor

  8. A word about building permits, codes, and restrictions

  9. Avoid common kitchen remodeling mistakes

  10. Smart planning for your kitchen remodel

White Kitchen
Modern Kitchen

Part 2 – Design + Layout

  1. Get your kitchen design right the first time

  2. Function first, aesthetics second

  3. 10 essential kitchen layout tips

  4. Find the right kitchen style for your home

  5. How to design your new kitchen

  6. Assess your kitchen’s electrical power needs

  7. Don't underestimate the lighting needed in your kitchen

  8. What to know about kitchen plumbing

  9. Organize your cabinet storage efficiently

  10. What to discuss with your cabinet provider

Part 3 – Product + Materials

  1. Kitchen Cabinetry 101

  2. What type of cabinetry fits your style

  3. Where to start with your appliances

  4. What to consider when selecting your countertop

  5. Which countertop is best for you?

  6. A beautiful backsplash ties it all together

  7. Selecting a kitchen sink and faucet that doesn’t break the bank

  8. Windows and Doors

  9. What about flooring?

  10. Finishing Work

man in kitchen

Author Petra Jakobskrueger is a well established kitchen and bath designer in the SF Bay Area, as well as an architectural designer and remodeling coach. She guides her clients through remodeling projects by saving them time, money, and lots of headache. Petra's excited to publish her first book and hopes that it will help many homeowners succeed with their kitchen remodel. Stay tuned!

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