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German Cuisine

The Oktoberfest Cookbook features all the favorite recipes from Munich's beer tents: sauerkraut, sausages, sauerbraten and beyond, with 50 recipes for both traditional Bavarian dishes and modern takes on food stall favorites. Whether you dream of an Oktoberfest adventure, are hosting a party of your own, or simply love authentic German cuisine, Oktoberfest Cookbook will have you raising your glass to shout "Prost!"


German Cuisine

When I first ordered this book, I wasn't sure what to expect. As a German, I have a certain expectation for a cookbook with German recipes, especially, as my husband is Bavarian. This cookbook exceeded my expectations. We love it and I give it to all my clients with their 'Thank you' gift after with finish their home remodel. 

Hope you'll enjoy it too!

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German Cuisine

Whether it's crispy fried potatoes, steamed dumplings, or a creamy jelly roll stuffed with raspberries, no one makes food as good as a German grandmother — that is, until now!

Featuring eighty-five classic recipes, from soups to Sunday roasts, and desserts to Christmas favorites, Grandma's German Cookbook is loaded with recipes any German grandmother would proudly serve her family.

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Creating your own recipes is great and I love doing that. However, sometimes you do need a little inspiration or ideas, especially if you're not as familiar with the type of food you want to make. Here's a selection of cookbooks I'd like to have on hand in my kitchen.

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